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Organic 2-5-1 formula provides essential trace elements and macronutrients to help promote blooming and ensure large, robust harvests. Fish hydrolysate-based fertilizer that contains all the natural oils, amino acids, nutrients, and minerals found in whole fish. Amino acids are crucial to the production of chlorophyll which, in turn, increases photosynthesis.

Can be used as a foliar spray or as a root drench.

1 quart


Help promote a healthy growth rate of plants while assisting in the sustainability of soil health. With 15-0-0.5, this fertilizer contains the proper nutrients and microorganisms to support beneficial bacteria, aiding in soil and plant health.
  • An organic, dry, soluble fish hydrolysate composed of over 80% L-amino acids
  • Amino acids support photosynthesis, which produces carbohydrates necessary for plant growth and flower production
  • Amino acids are made of a unique type of nitrogen (NH2) that is used by plants during vegetative and flowering cycles
  • Use during all stages of plant growth as needed
  • Can be foliar fed or root drenched
Soft Rock Phosphate is an excellent source of readily available Phosphate and Calcium for your plants. The King of Minerals in your soil is Phosphate. No mineral uptakes without available Phosphate. The Queen of Minerals in your soil is Calcium. Phosphate does not move or uptake without Calcium.
200 grams. 7 ounces. ** USA SALES ONLY **
AZOMITE is a broad spectrum natural mineral rock dust mined in Utah. AZOMITE requires no mixing. It is odorless, will not burn plants and will not restrict aeration or water penetration.
  • Improves root systems, yields and quality
  • Re-mineralizes soil for optimum growth
3 ounces. ** USA SALES ONLY **  …
Contains more than 70 different minerals, vitamins and enzymes Soluble Seaweed Powder is excellent for:
  • Soaking seeds to improve germination and plant vigor.
  • Applying to seedlings before planting and watch them grow into healthy, vigorous plants.
  • Strengthening cuttings, bare root trees and shrubs with an application before and after transplant.
  • Foliar feeding indoor and outdoor plantings.
  • Greening up gardens with spring applications.
3.5 ounces ** USA SALES ONLY **


Organics Alive V-TR Dry Soluble Powder is designed for plants transitioning into flower or beginning to set fruit. It has a macronutrients value of 4-5-5 (N-P-K) N (Nitrogen) P (Phosphorus) K (Potassium) which is well balanced and can be used on all perennials, annuals, flowers, fruits, vegetables, and turf. Organics Alive Fertilizer is effective in foliar applications as well. Organics Alive Dry Soluble Powders will dissolve in water and become a solution. This allows our fertilizers to be used in all irrigation systems, automatic dosers, foggers, atomizers, jet fans, and flat tape. Our fertilizers do not collect biofilms nor do they accumulate salt or mineral composites in fertigation systems. 1 pound. ** USA SALES ONLY **



Maximize The Output Of Your Crops During The Flower & Fruiting Stage With This Fully Soluble Organic Bloom Formula.

Designed for plants that need phosphorus and potassium to build and maintain fruit and flowers during critical stages of growth. Effective in foliar applications, top dressing and drip irrigation. 1 pound. ** USA SALES ONLY **


Organics Alive FPT Humic Acid is derived from the best sources of Canadian Leonardite. Higher nutrient uptake through roots leading to accumulation of sugars, chlorophyll synthesis and amino acids in plants. Higher brix helps the cells to stress tolerance. Peptide group protects the plant cells from physiological stress against peroxide compounds, toxins and free radicals generally build up in them. FPT also stimulates microbial population in soil resulting in better nutrient’s transformations and improving soil quality and plant immunity. FPT can be used for all crops either as a foliar spray, through drip systems and soil drench. 1 pint ** USA SALES ONLY **


Organics Alive FCB is an organic & natural liquid derived from fermented castor beans. It regulates and manages the energy process in the plant at different growth stages. FCB helps keep plants cells turgid under hot and dry conditions. FCB regulates plant energy by managing excess radiation absorbed by the leaves. This process results in redirecting energy in the plant for higher photosynthesis rate and nutrient absorption to convert them into carbohydrates, sugars and proteins. 1 pint. ** USA SALES ONLY **
200x Freeze Dried Organic Horticultural Aloe Vera Powder
  • During cloning as a powerful rooting stimulator
  • During any phase of plant growth as a natural plant immunity builder
  • For use in foliar spray as a mild wetting agent and plant tonic.
Mix 1/2 – 1 teaspoon per gallon of water. Apply as a foliar or to soil / roots. ** USA Sales Only ** 3.5 ounces…