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BioAg is a fast growing company backed by decades of work with humic substances and biological farming. We understand well the customers and industries our products serve. Everyone within BioAg shares the same vision of providing our clients with the very best in product quality and service. We encourage personal growth, creativity and enable individual empowerment to achieve this goal.

If you have any questions concerning the story of humates / humic / fulvic acids, method of use, and/or research and sciences that represent our products, you will likely find answers through the many pages and links contained within this site. You are also welcome to contact us anytime via our contact page.

Faust Bio-Agricultural Services, Inc. (AKA BioAg) was started by Robert and Carly Faust in the early 1980’s as a farm service company. In 2005 they moved from their coffee farm in Hawaii to the Willamette Valley of Oregon and purchased a farm and manufacturing facility in order to expand their product offerings. Ryan and Shelby Zadow joined the team in 2007 and 2008 and helped them expand the companies reach, both becoming minority shareholders in 2011. While Ryan has gone on to pursue other endeavors Shelby remains a critical part of the BioAg team as National Sales and Marketing Director.

In January, 2020 the Faust’s and Zadow’s unanimously sold their shares to Vik Sakhalar, who’d already been serving as BioAg Vice President for three years. Vik brings with him an entrepreneurial spirit and fresh energy combined with a masters in manufacturing. Prior to coming to BioAg he spent over a decade at Intel before moving on to pursue his own business ventures. In short time that Vik has served as Vice President he has already streamlined the manufacturing processes and opened several new channels of distribution.

All parties continue to be heavily involved and invested in the vision of BioAg. Together we are working as a team to take BioAg into the next phase of the companies broader goal of creating a future based on regenerative agriculture.


Boro-Mino is a water-soluble boron fertilizer derived from soy protein hydrolysate and boric acid. It is a fine, free-flowing, hygroscopic, spray-dried powder that…


Nitro-Mino is a water-soluble nitrogen fertilizer derived from soy protein hydrolysate. It is a fine, free-flowing, hygroscopic, spray-dried powder that contains short chains…


Ful-Humix® is a soluble, concentrated humic powder and powerful soil/nutrient activator. Dry powder. 100 grams and 300 grams available *** USA Sales Only ***