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You can connect with Dagga and The Future Cannabis Project in a number of places. We list them in order of how active and responsive we are on each.

YouTube – Live Shows

Each week we interview leading cannabis cultivators, thinkers and product creators. The schedule varies a bit so the best way to know when we’re going live and who will be on the show is to subscribe to the channel, or join us on one of the platforms below. Join us on YouTube

Discord – Community Chat and Education

Discord is a group chat application that you can access via a web browser, phone or desktop app. It’s where we gather to talk recent news, soil science, cultivation, genetics and more. Its a community space to ask questions and share you knowledge. You can also suggest topics and questions for upcoming webcast guests. Join us on Discord

Instagram – Show Updates & Video Clips

Here we post cannabis inspiration, short video clips from our shows along with updates and alerts for future shows. Join us on Instagram

Newsletter – News, Updates & Store Alerts

If you want to updates and alerts in your inbox, join our newsletter. We’ll send you non-spammy emails on new seeds, products and deals on, along with notices who will be appearing on our show. Subscribe to our Newsletter

Twitter – Show Alerts

Join us here for information about upcoming shows. Join us on Twitter

Facebook – Live Streams & Updates

You can watch our shows live on Facebook. We also post news and information from the Future Cannabis Project blog. Join us on Facebook