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Rooted Leaf

Carbon-Based Fertilizers
Plant life is defined by photosynthesis, which is a process that captures carbon out of the air. Everything plants do revolves around capturing and utilizing carbon. Similarly, everything Rooted Leaf makes is rooted in carbon chemistry.

We fine-tune and optimize key metabolic pathways that create a variety of carbon-rich molecules, resulting in improved performances, health, and yield.

Regenerative Solutions for Sustainable Agriculture

We take a plant-centric approach to engineering our fertilizers. Our focus on mimicking nature means our products optimize long-term soil and plant health. Going beyond simple nourishment, our products help ensure the health and success of future generations by imbuing the soil with organic matter and stimulating microbiological activity.

Our products are engineered to replicate the soil-building and plant-growing chemistries that have nourished this green planet for billions of years. Nature is the greatest visible engine of creativity; and for us as a company, an infinite source of inspiration.


***USA Sales Only*** Peak Bloom delivers a stable and bioavailable blend of phosphorus and potassium that resist tie-up in the soil, providing consistent nutrition for…


***USA Sales Only*** Root Anchor actively conditions grow mediums, allowing them to release higher amounts of nutrients to plants. This results in improved root architecture…


** USA Sales Only ** Lush Green contains a unique form of nitrogen that is soil-stable and stays close to root hairs, providing a dependable…