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San Diego Gas and Seeds

Jackson and I, the breeders behind San Diego Gas & Seeds, met in 1990 and became good friends and growing partners. Jackson was already growing and breeding numerous Cali varieties since mid 1980’s. He was my mentor and still is.

In 1991 we began to share genetics amongst ourselves. 1991-1992 time I was gifted several G-13 snow bud clones from a friend. I grew those for a while and one big fat cola of the g-13 snow bud gave me one seed. I grew that seed out and sold a lot of it and that’s what the southern Cali herb scene was calling Catpiss for the next 10 years.  I had around 10-12 grow rooms spread out all other San Diego with mostly only Catpiss filled in those rooms. 

The breeding now is both done in San Diego and Kauai. Jackson and I are both organic soil farmers indoors and outdoors. We don’t settle for anything but the best in our personal smoke and that’s what we are bringing to you 

~ Tom