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Legendary Genetix

I remember getting Panama Red, it was a very small amount, almost like pipe tobacco, it was brick red and stringy, it wasn’t the best sample from the load, I am sure but it didn’t matter. I smoked some one morning before school, It was very psychoactive, I thought it was laced with LSD, I was so high, my friends had to literally, carry me to my first class, as if I downed a bottle of crown royal for the first time. This stuff was psychedelic and I knew and had experience with other types before. Luckily a few hours later I landed back on Earth and was able to hold my shit.
Colombian Green was also a special strain we used to get, the most resinous weed at the time we had seen. Smoking this stuff made you cough so hard you couldn’t breath (Choked) and you got so high you couldn’t physically smoke anymore. Amazing stuff, that everyone should have experienced when first smoking weed.
The old killer green buds from the mountain growers from Lake, Mendocino, Humboldt and Lake Tahoe. These were the buds being grown from the veterans of wars, World War II, Korea, Vietnam, the vets escaped civilization to live on the land and they brought seeds with them. Seeds from all over the world were being grown in California. The surfers would also travel and bring seed in and the various micro climates around the state made it the perfect place to grow premium home grown.
As one of the founding members of SnowHigh, I traveled the world as soon as I was able. I visited over 28 different countries on a mission to try and experience every natural hallucinogen and psychotropic that each country used to be social and expand consciousness. This progression of finding the perfect high has turned full circle to cannabis. That which grew the best consistently and some of the most potent herb I ever consumed at that time was what I was able to procure from growers in Northern California. I have had awesome smoke, all over the world but the growing techniques and breeding programs using the best landrace strains in the world, just can’t compare. There is something to be said though, that the best stuff, is never exported, so there is truly awesome and mythical herb grown by growers in all corners of the planet.