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Hoku Seed Co

I am and will forever be  on the search for new and unique genetics. Whether it be for my personal seed collection, a hemp seed project, for fun, or for a friend; my ear is always to the ground. In my searches, I’ve come across many breeders whose work I’ve admired. And more often than not, as I’ve learned more about the breeder, I’ve come to appreciate their approach to breeding even more.

In many ways, the paths we take as breeders are extensions of our own consciousness. Even before social media, you could look at a breeders line-up and get a feel for what he likes, what he enjoys, what he or she was trying to accomplish. It’s in this way that I’ve come to know and appreciate many breeders over the years. Particularly, after growing out their genetics and even more so when breeding with them.

I’ve scoured the majority of seedbanks from all over the world and ordered from many if not most of them. I’ve watched the rise of US seed banks over the last few years and loved the fact that I didn’t have to deal with customs anymore. I’ve also seen the development of the hemp industry, with its beginnings in the medical cannabis community and clone only cbd cuttings. And now, the hemp seed boom with it’s intellectual property threats and ridiculous MOQs. All within a decade.

I’ve wanted to cater to the multitude of cannabinoids and not just the one that gets you high.For all the CBD heads, for small time hemp growers, for hobbyists.

Whether it’s a high CBD hash plant, a  mixed ratio strain, a grain or fiber variety, it doesn’t matter.