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California based Eric Minor is a precise, thoughtful person driven by compassion—not profit. As a second-generation cannabis farmer, Eric has a deep love for breeding and providing plants with CBD-rich genetics for medicinal purposes.

With over 30 years experience of growing and breeding award-winning cannabis, Eric has a sincere and personal appreciation and respect for the healing properties of CBD and it’s medicinal benefits.

The knowledge and skills Eric developed over years of intimate experience as an award-winning cannabis grower and breeder played a crucial part of leading Eric to a solution to a problem he had to solve.

Home of Chile Verde 🏆🏆
Emerald Cup 🏆🏆
“Cbd Topicals 2nd & 3rd Place”
HempConCup 🏆
“Best Cbd Product”
Cali Dep Fest 🏆
“1st place Chem/og ”


Video of Eric Minor and Kevin Jodrey talking breeding and genetics.