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Greenway Solutions

I started breeding for myself around 2005 after my seeds from the 1990s stopped germinating. After giving away a good amount of seeds to friends it became obvious the new growers and outdoor growers needed female seeds.

My first cross was a Locktite (Gorilla Glue x NL5) x Blue Dream.  The idea was just to create something that anyone could easily grow. After giving the seeds away to a bunch of growers I started to get a lot of feedback and requests for more seeds. Lots of compliments. One gorilla grower commented  it was better than his outdoor. This particular grower started asking if I could make copies of old seeds that are no longer available.  That’s when things got out of hand. People started asking us to reverse old strains and save this or that. Then in 2019 I ran into Ryan Jacobs, an Indigenous American who wanted a bunch of female seeds for his outdoor garden as well as a few big outdoor grows on the reservation.

After some fantastic seasons and a lot of fun we ended up with a lot of seeds and some absolutely amazing cultivars. With legalization in N.Y. came a bunch of dispensaries on the reservation. That’s when we decided to make our creations available to the public.   Every year we make new flavors and continue to work our favorites.

We sell them at a fair price despite the fact we put in more work than most breeders. Every strain has been tested indoors and out in multiple locations.

~ Andy