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Eclectic Elegance

My fascination for cannabis began my freshman year of high school in Arizona after recently moving from SoCal. I quickly became tired of buying flower so I began scouring the internet; reading through hundreds of forums of how different people grew and the different ways you could grow this plant. 

After getting a good general baseline of what and how to do it, my sophomore year I began to try it for myself. I set up my first closet grow with minimal supplies and using bag seed I had saved. After growing out a couple harvests worth of plants I had some successes but mostly failures. I was able thankfully to learn from them. 

A fews years go by and Arizona finally went medical and I was able to be a care giver to a older friend of mine and start growing in a small bedroom. Thats when I began to dive into the idea of organics. Once I graduated high school, I moved back to SoCal for College. While in college I was able to gain in depth knowledge by asking my professors questions but related to cannabis. Back in California I got my MMJ card and took in a few patients to run high plant counts. This is where I was really able to explore and get a direction on what I wanted from investing so much time into learning to cultivate. 

I began to try my hand in breeding along with perfecting organic cultivation methods. Thanks to folks like Tony aka Mr.Toad, Jackson aka Meangene, Levi aka Pistle Postive. They were able to help me shorten my learning curve. During this time I was growing indoor and outdoors and began my seed collecting addiction. After playing around with making some crosses,I began to develop a taste for particular cultivars and wanted to tailor them even further to my liking or simply try to preserve those genetics in seed form. While posting what I’ve been up to on social media, I quickly began having people wanting seeds of things I was playing around with. Soon demand was high and I was given the idea to start a brand.

I had been running through a lot of different cultivars before I bought my Black Lime Reserve seeds in 2014. After running these I quickly became infatuated with Black Lime Reserve and after getting permission from Jackson and Leo I decided to use it as the backbone of my work. In all I’m a hobbyist grower/breeder trying to produce the best quality smoke and improving top quality cultivars. Breeding for the market or hype strains was never really appealing to me, so just I do my own thing. 

After 11 years of my life being on somewhat of a plant schedule, I truly couldn’t imagine it being any other way! My true passion is cultivating the cannabis plant for all of its amazing potential!

Lineage: Butter OG x (Dogwalker OG x StarKiller OG) Description: Short stalky plants with slender leaves. Do well when Fimmed and Lollipop’ed. You’ll get nice…
Lineage: Zebra #16 (Garanimals x Spur Apple)
x Meatbreath F2 #11 (OGKB Dominant)
Description: Shorter afghani christmas tree like structure with tight internode spacing.
Reponds well to…
Lineage: King Louie XIII OG x Kings Reserve
(King LouieXIII OG x Black lime Reserve)
Description: Tall branchy OG like growth with thick stems. Large yielding…