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With 16+ years of experience, Don Irie is a practioner of the Rolf Method of Structural Integration. Dedication to Purity and Originality of this Sacred Art of body healing.

As a cannabis cultivator, his passion is in the creation and preservation of the Cannabis Plant. Drawn to its extensive range of smells and flavors and colors, how could he not fall in love with this plant.

At the age of 12 he was introduced to a Pakalolo plant on Molokai and was changed forever.  Surrounded by uncles and cousins who grew for their lifestyle he was taught the art of selection and breeding preservation practices from his cousin AinaBoy. R.I.L.

Now he is coming out of the wood works to share his creations.

In particular focusing on bringing the Oldschool Genetics back to our attention that we have long forgotten about with the twist of Aloha.

He has shared his creations with Crockett Family Farms and Poetry of Plants, among others, who have most definitely found some amazing cultivars they have worked with.

All in All he’s here to share with the world what the world is lacking today…..