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Boneyard Seeds NorCal

At the age of eight I was taught the first of many lessons in cannabis farming. My Uncle Dave taught me the Air Layer technique, something I still practice and teach to this day. Over the years I would learn countless lessons taught by many. These lessons I eventually weaved into the tapestry I have turned into my life’s work.

I had always come to the cannabis plant to ease my own personal woes.

Life struck me with a heavy dose of reality in 1994 when my cousin Danny had passed who had basically drank himself to death. Two years later, my grandfather would pass from throat cancer and Alzheimer’s. As my family had been busted (for cannabis) prior to his diagnosis, we had nothing to ease his pain and he literally passed screaming for cannabis. After I lost those two loved ones, I dedicated myself to this plant and its healing powers and my first cross was dedicated to my cousin Danny.

“…named for my loved ones,… their memory would live forever.”

It was a cross of an Afghan line we had been growing since the early 80’s. At that time I named the cross CRY BABY which was Danny’s nickname. (This was the beginning of me naming my lines after my loved ones.) My thinking was that if folks grew these genetics and enjoyed the lines I named for my loved ones, then their memory would live forever. Even long after they have passed. To this day, I still practice this when choosing names for some of my lines.

This is evident in my Angel male I use in a majority of my work. I created Angel in 2006 when at the time my mother was using Romulan and Cataract Kush to ease pain for a yet undiagnosed cancer residing in her body. At this time I had no access to cannabis testing so I relied solely on personal testimony from medical users of strains I was working with.

My thinking was that if i combined the two most asked for lines I could make a better efficient line for medical use. The pairing of the 1996 Romulan x 2005 Cataract Kush, which at the time I called Space Kush, did exactly that. I ended up with the medicine I was after and I gave the herb to anyone who needed relief. My mother and father were the two first patients I helped.

When he passed, I had a ton of products left and no one to give it to anymore.

Then life hit me with a reality check again 0n August 26 2009. My father passed from complications due to exposure to Agent Orange. He was a Vietnam Veteran from 66-68 and he suffered PTSD everyday I knew him. The only relief he got was from cannabis use. I would give him any excess I had plus I had started making some things to ease his PTSD.

When he passed, I had a ton of products left and no one to give it to anymore. This lead me to a local club in my small town where I took all the lotion, tincture, canna-caps and hash I had been giving my Pops and asked the club to pass it to the veteran members for free. Within 10 days,

I received a call asking for more products. It seems the  products had helped more than I could have hoped.

This led to me being offered a job at the club. There, I had access to over 4000 patients. This gave me access to folks with many types of ailments from headaches to Dravet Syndrome. I met so many with who were battling the same types of ailment I decided I’d use their experiences with their own ailments to help breed more efficient medicine. I took about 400 patients and started giving them free unmarked medicine, asking that they document the relief each gave or didn’t give.

This is how I made my Mudbone line geared towards Multiple Sclerosis patients. Everyone who I gave this line reported positive results from this line when used for MS. I named it in honor of my favorite person in history, Richard Pryor. He passed from MS and this was my way to insure his memory lasted forever.