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Bhang Dog

Born in a small Midwestern town, I’m an early years Boomer.  Middle child in a large family.  My father’s avocation became his vocation when he opened a greenhouse, landscaping, and florist business.  Pressed into service at an early age, I learned the care of plants from him.

College days brought new friends and experiences, a degree, a future wife, and my first cannabis seeds from a friend’s dime bag.

Starting a life with my wife and family kept me busy in the office and in my home vegetable garden.

Eventually, I returned to the very interesting hobby of cultivating our diecious friends.  Obtaining seeds was difficult, extremely difficult in the Midwest.  Once obtained, it was imperative to keep the genetics for future grows—thus the beginning of my breeding mission.

Hopefully, you will enjoy my efforts to combine the coastal classics and trends with some locally preserved genetics.



Female Hola! Good sized flowers – flowering time 9-10 weeks Male Northern Lights, Afghani heritage – flowering time 7 to 8 weeks Flowering 9 to…