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Aili Seeds

Aili Seeds provides landrace genetics which have been selected to grow effectively in North America. Aili Seeds takes foundational heirloom and landrace strains and combines them with elite modern hybrids.  These seeds have been sourced through personal connections from around the world over decades, and are not from other seed companies. Our goal is to preserve and thoughtfully evolve rare genetics and make them available to growers in North America.   

Jamal, the founder of Aili Seeds began cultivating cannabis over 20 years ago, and started experimenting with breeding 10 years ago.  Jamal views cannabis as an instrumental tool that brought healing in his treatment of chronic conditions while helping avoid unnecessary pharmaceuticals.  Jamal’s inspiration for breeding stems from his love for the cannabis plant, and passion for the global cannabis community.  He shows that passion through the seed varieties he produces.  Jamal’s unique breeding style celebrates various cultures around the world that have a deep history with cannabis, through breeding with plants primarily from Africa, Central America and Hawaii. 

The second breeder at Aili Seeds is Grasshopper.  He is from Central America, which is where he first started growing and breeding cannabis.  He moved to California in the late 1990s and has been a medical cannabis activist ever since.  He has built up an impressive seed library and has held the same collection of genetics for 20 years, consistently putting out desirable plants. Some of his genetics are grown in recreational facilities in California. 


Flowers in 8-10 weeks, depending on the phenotype. Does well indoors and outdoors some humidity Effects Dreamy with prolonged steady high 10 regular seeds per pack…


Sourced in 2015 from a family in the Ciskei region of South Africa.  Open pollination / repopulation of original stock. Terpenes from earthy, carrot and…



Mother-Hanalei Father- Hanalei

Sourced in Hanalei, Hawaii in 2013.  An amazing heirloom with terpenes ranging from sour guava to sweet guava all…