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Sour Silicate Glass Smoking Kit

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Sour Silicate Hammer Spoon Carb Cap


A Hammer, a Spoon, a flower Jar and a Carb Cap in a numbered and signed pelican case.


Sour Silicate Glass Smoking Kit

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SKU soursilicate_GLASSKIT Category Tag

A Hammer, a Spoon, a flower Jar and a Carb Cap in a numbered and signed pelican case.

Each piece is hand crafter by Sour Silicate as soon as you purchase and shipped directly to you.

About the Artist
@soursilicate (IG)

I have been lampworking/flameworking for more than a decade now.  I have been very fortunate to learn from some of my personal hero’s and at some amazing places.

I am drawn to the alchemical process of melting glass and am continually humbled by the patience it demands.  I love creating glass art and hope others can appreciate it as well.

I’m continually trying to find my voice with the material as it agrees with me more and more.

Soursilicate Studio is a lampworking studio created by a glass artist who was a part of the team that created the infamous Sour D.

Every item is properly annealed in a kiln to ensure durability and a long life.

Some of the people I learned from and have influenced me include:

Lewis Wilson @lewiscwilson (IG)
Robert mickelsen  @ramickelsen (IG)
Jay Bridgeland
Mark Lammi @lammigass (IG)
David Willis @Davidwilisglass (IG)
Roger Parramore @rogerparramore (IG)
Jason lee @jasonleeglass (IG)
Marcel Braun @marcelglass (IG)
Cesare toffolo @cesaretoffolo (IG)
Matt Eskuche @kuchecup (IG)
Jake-c @jake_c_glass (IG)
BP @bpglass94 (IG)

The crucible in Oakland CA
Eugene glass school OR
Pratt fine arts Seattle WA
Pilchuck WA
Color Scheme

Green w/ Purple, Fire, Black & White, Rasta


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