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Enzyme Komplete

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Enzymes, Microbes, Humic Acid, Fulvic Acid


a comprehensive blend of enzymes with organic acids and microbes.

Enzymes are the tools that soil microbes use to make nutrients available for microbial and plant uptake.

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Enzyme Komplete

SKU microbialsolutions_ENZYMEKOMP Category

Enzymes are the tools that soil microbes use to make nutrients available for microbial and plant uptake.

Enzymes, in turn, catalyse important biochemical reactions for rhizobacteria and plants, stabilize the soil by degrading wastes and mediate nutrient recycling [1]. The available enzymes inside soil could originate from plants, animals or microbes (bacteria or fungi).

Certified Organic Ingredients indicated with*.

Application: Weekly Apply 1/2-1 teaspoon per gallon of water in for soil and foliar feeding. Foliar feed until 2 weeks into flower and continue with soil applications.

-Enzyme 132,000 U/g Cellulase,8,000 U/g Xylanse, 5,000 U/g Beta-Glucanase

-Barley Malt*

-Coconut Water*

-Papaya Fruit*

-Apple Cider Vinegar

-Alfalfa Juice*

-Ginger Extract*


Alpha Amylase (231 mg) 23,100 FCC DU
• Fungal protease (155 mg) 77,500 FCC HUT
• Invertase (50 mg) 1,000 FCC INVU
• HemiSeb® Blend contains:
• Xylanase (10 mg) 100 FCC XU
• Beta- Glucanase (10 mg) 35 FCC BGU
• Pectinase (10 mg) 10 Endo-PG
• Phytase (10 mg) 10 FCC FTU
• Lipase (30.1 mg) 3,010 FCC LU
• Glucoamylase (30 mg) 30 FCC AGU
• Alpha galactosidase (20 mg) 200 FCC GalU
• Diastase (13.33 mg) 2,000 FCC DP
• Lactase (10 mg) 1,000 FCC ALU
• Cellulase (4 mg) 400 FCC CU
• Pectinase (1 mg) 25 Endo-PG

-Dandilion Extract

-Celery Juice*

-Sea 90*

-Nutritional Yeast Extracts 2 Kinds*

-Brewers Yeast Extract*

-Fulvic Acid*

-Amino Acid*

-Nopal Extract*

-Barley Grass Juice*

-Wheat Grass Juice*




-Mango Juice*

-Beet Juice*



-Potato Starch*

-Citrus Bioflavinoid


-Aquamin Icelandic Red Marine Algae*

– 11 Probiotic Microbe Strains

  • L. Acidophilus, Strain LA-14
  • L. Rhamnosus, Strain LR-32
  • L. Salivarius, Strain LS-33
  • L. Plantarum, Strain LP-115
  • L. Casei, Strain LC-11
  • L. Lactis, Strain LL-23
  • B. Breve, Strain BB-03
  • B. Infantis, Strain Bi-26
  • B. Longum, Strain BL-05
  • B. Bifidum, Strain Bb-06
  • B. Lactis, Strain BL-04

-Volcanic Rock Ash*

-Cayenne Pepper*

-Black Carrot*

-Cucumber Extract*

-Oyster Mushroom Extract*

-Boric Acid*

-Grape Stem Cell

-Apple Stem Cell

-Acai Berry Extract


-White Willow Extract

-Black Pepper Extract

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