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Breath of Red Dragon

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Harti Gear - Breath of Green Dragon


Dr Dream all Cure x Nigerian Yoruba Bantu male

13 regular seed per pack

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BORD Breath of Red Dragon

Dr Dream all Cure x Nigerian Yoruba Bantu male

Expect large to Huge colas of frosty open flower narrow leaf og.  Some might compare to dr. Greenspoons or some of the Haze to get an idea.  An uplifting head that can overload the cerebral if you get that far, it took me three goes to burn a spliff when i was testing the cure this year. Three big bong hits is too much (and that is all relative… big / too much… most folks find my single to be too much regardless of the strain.) On larger plants with long veg there will be sucker branching and calls for a good lolipop at transition.  Less so if sea of green but i don’t recommend it indoors (but folks do.. I’m just not super keen on sativa indoors) unless in a warehouse/ production setting.  It outgrew my green house with 3 major cutbacks and a mid summer planting…it can run long to the 90 to 110 day or more depending on your light/ latitude outdoors.  Indoor/ gh w lights  90 days.  (DDAC can be 55 indoors with full light, hydro feed and CO2 or 70 days in soil and sun.  NYB is 90 to 110. )  this has a good to great resistance to cold and a medium resistance to mold,  its open and airy but the flowers can get HUGE, preventing the air movement. Mitigate by FIM often. 

NYB from unknown stewards prior to me i acquired seed in trade from and returned more open [pollinated when i made more.  The original selection was diverse in form yet consistent in its strong potency sweet flavors and I believe THCV content although not overly high. Some folks who have grown the straight NYB claim it to be as strong a flower as ever they have smoked. They all are great producers as well. This seed will be offered and described more detail  in one of the next two drops. 

 I made open pollen slelections as well as alpha male and female for breeding which I used for the BORD pollen pitch..  The results were large to massive colas of dank frosty get up and go, a great hash plant as well, the # 13 female alpha has a bit o skunk and pungent gas / fuel.  It can purple out in cool weather.  That cut has been let loose in SoCal, but it’s just the f1 breeder.  Currently F2 seed is available. 

This is a pick me up pain killer in lower dose and comatose PTSD with a larger dose. 

13 regular seed per pack

Availability: 6 in stock

Harti Dragon Breath Red

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