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Black Market Breeders

I’m 50 years old, a stonecutter and miner by trade and a breeder on the side.

Breeding has been a dream from the days I literally ran from choppers as a kid in the 80’s.

I’m a nobody and all I know is good weed from bad and my focus on breeding has been making crosses I’d want to smoke.

I’m no master grower, I have no big facilities, I’m not backed but I make my own seeds and I stand behind the creations I test out and release! 

“The Bukakke Project” drop

History of the breeding

The Bukakke Project started as an accident in a breeders (Tre) medical garden several years ago.  He had got a job at a rec grow and had put his 5 breeder males outdoors in the medical garden, meaning to pull them back in before they flowered.  He got too busy and all 5 males let fly on the whole garden, bukkake style, completely seeding the plants. 

The males were Yabba Dabba Diesel, Cherry Bomb, Pride of Afghanistan, Reptilian OG, and 88G13/HP.  I made oil from one of the seeded plants, a Black Lime Reserve #5 as it was called and was a verified cut of BLR.  The lime terps were insane, so I asked for a branch to keep some seeds to grow and got permission.

I grew the original Black Lime Reserve Bukakke as we jokingly called it for two years, both runs every seed cracked produced awesome smoke lime to floral to blueberry to menthol an awesome range of terps with lime in much of it. Big, vigorous plants that easily got to 10 feet tall here in the Eastern Oregon desert!

So the third year I chose a male outdoor and also ran the bukkake indoor to verify indoor usage.  I let the male fly on the outdoor garden and took the pollen indoor to a lineup of strains I enjoy smoking on.  So, The Bukakke Project was born!

Note: Due to the mix of males, the father side of the cross was an 80% chance to be nonfilial. So the presumably non-filial f2 we gave a new name “Mysterion” and it certainly carries on the legacy of the original Black Lime Reserve Bukakke with huge plants, an earlier finish, excellent dry hashy frost and great terps!  Oh yes, the testing has proved the male to be good and lime is encountered in some of the crosses!